Frequently Asked Questions

“photography is the beauty of life captured”

Do you Travel?

Absolutely! I love travelling and I love photography, so there is nothing I love more than being able to travel and capture your precious memories at the same time.

How would you describe your style?

My style is Deep, Natural and Romantic – I capture the moment in a way in which you can feel the mood of what was happening, this makes looking back at your big day a beautiful trip of memories allowing you to almost relive the moment.

How much do you edit your photos?

Post-processing is the most time intensive part of your wedding or shoot as we work hard to ensure every image meets our artistic standard. Every photo is adjusted for optimal colour, brightness and other corrections we feel necessary.

What can we do to ensure you get the best photos possible at our wedding?

There are so many aspects of your day that can influence how your pictures turn out, I’d love to chat more about it over a cup of coffee!

What do your charge?

Please feel free to find my details via the “contact” tab on our website, pop me a mail and I will forward you my packages.

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